Beware of thefts

The cities of Bolivia are very calm, in general, for the standard of the cities of South America, anyway, be very careful with the scammers, especially with those people who want to pass for police officers. To recognize this type of scammers, who are the most dangerous, never let a policeman take you by taxi arguing that you have committed some fault. These are easy to recognize because they insist on checking their belongings or their documents in the middle of the street or taking them to places where there are no more people traveling. If this happens to you, insist that they take you to the police station WALKING and be firm (if you have committed any credible fault).

When traveling by bus, always bring your small luggage with you where you keep your personal belongings and valuables; never leave them inside the bus, not even when you go to the bathroom or put them in the luggage storage on your seat, as there are people who get on the bus route who only look for this type of luggage to remove it and then get off in any community or town. Always be careful and take these tips into account.